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Though each home or commercial building Southern Landmarks builds is to itself unique, they all share one primary attribute . . . excellence. No matter where the homeowner's or developer's personal vision steers us, the finished Southern Landmarks home is always a quality product.

You can see the excellence in elements such as porches, entryways and railings. Details such as custom millwork and stained glass have earned us national attention in "House Beautiful,", "Southern Living", "Home Magazine", "Old House Journal", "Architectural Record", and scores of newspapers.

Southern Landmarks offers custom construction at its finest. So when you ask Southern Landmarks to help you create your dream home. You can let your imagination soar. We make dreams a reality.

The stairway to the right is made from imported Guatemalan heart pine.

Southern Landmarks // Luxury House

Stairway made from imported Guatemalan heart pine

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