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As the Southeast's premier builder, Southern Landmarks translates the craftsmanship and artistry of the past into modern materials and building techniques to reflect the attitudes and needs of their residential and commercial clients. Southern Landmarks also offers unique custom parcels just perfect for your custom home or commercial building.

Panama City Beach Builders

The location is ideal for your Southern Landmarks home. Panama City Beach is a great place for a residence or investment property. In November 2006 Money magazine selected the Panama City area as the NUMBER ONE of Top Ten Cities of WHERE TO BUY NOW!

CNN Money "Panama City is an economy waiting to break out," says Steven Cochrane, chief regional economist for Moody's Economy.com. Other factors increasing demand: Property
prices are still low by Florida standards, and the local market has already absorbed a price correction after peaking last year. -CNNMoney.com

Compared to the property prices in nearby Destin and the 30A area of south Walton county, the price of top quality luxury homes in Panama City Beach can't be beat! Check out our current inventory to catch some of these great buys.


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