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Building Modern Homes with Old South Craftsmanship is a Southern Landmarks tradition. The architecture of the Old South has a reputation of quality, artistry, and distinction. At Southern Landmarks, that tradition is being carried on into the 21st century. As the Southeast's premier builder, Southern Landmarks translates the craftsmanship and artistry of the past into modern materials and building techniques to reflect the attitudes and needs of their residential clients.

In the Carillon beach area, Southern Landmarks has created some of the finest statements in Southern architecture. Located at the extreme west end of Bay County, Florida, directly on the Gulf, this classic community is a hallmark of the superb detailing and construction provided by Southern Landmarks, Inc.

If you happen to be looking for quality property investments in the Bay or Walton County markets please feel free to give Southern Landmarks a call. We can help you in many ways to locate the ideal property for you. May it be property acquisition, design, building or developing, Southern Landmarks is your complete real estate team. Call us at (850) 234-3818 or if you prefer, fax us at (850) 234-9710 or email us.

Carillon Beach Home Features:
  • Gulf View in Carillon Beach
  • 3 Bedroom/3 Baths
  • Sleeps 13
  • 1 King/1 Queen/2 Bunk Sets with 1 Trundle/2 Sleeper Sofas
  • 2 Master Suites
  • Tower/Balconies/Jacuzzi
  • Approximately 50 feet to Beach Walkover
  • Access to 3 Pools, Tennis Courts and Playground
  • Furnishings From The Inside Story

Carillon Beach

To inquire about this Carillon Beach home, call
(850) 234-3818.

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Southern Landmarks - Carillon Beach

Southern Landmarks - Carillon Beach
Southern Landmarks     Telephone: 850-258-4090     Email: [email protected]

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