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Quiet Seclusion, Quality Living

An intimate and relaxed atmosphere found only within the old growth pine forests of Florida...But located within minutes of the beaches and attractions of Panama City Beach.

Southern Landmarks is building homes in Lyndell Plantation. This architecturally restricted community offers such great features as classic Florida metal roofs and relaxing front porches adorning each home. Lyndell Plantation is being offered for sale by St. Andrew Bay Real Estate, Inc.

Amenities provided to all home sites include:

  • Variety of affordable designs
  • City water and sewage
  • Underground utilities
  • Natural gas
  • Public streets
  • One quarter acre lots
  • 1,400 to 2,000 square foot floor plans

Lyndell Plantation

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Southern Landmarks - Lyndell Plantation

Southern Landmarks - Lyndell Plantation
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